The Norwegian Health Consortium offers specialized services targeting critical issues faced by health startups - services that commonly are out of reach due to high costs or lack of access to expertise. These “Service Packages” are now available to health startups all over the country at only 35% of the actual cost. There is a cap of 2 service packages pr company pr year, with up to a total of  100 000,- NOK in subsidized support.

Our Service Packages focus on challenges that startups face such as: Product design and prototyping, production, regulatory issues, market and customer insight, and business plan validation. All Service Packages will be customized to the specific needs of the individual startup companies.

Application windows The yearly budget is split into two 6-month periods and we open for applications at the start of each period, respectively in January and August. The application window closes when all the funds for that period been allocated. The "first-come, first-served" principles apply. 


Lastest update:

The application window for the first period of 2022 has now closed. The next window opens in August. 

Which stage are you at?

Early stage technology research, market opportunity analysis and business case development

Product specification and requirements, prototype/MOA development, regulatory, QA and clinical strategy

Product verification and manufacturing

Distribution, pricing, marketing, market access, and sales channel management

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The Norwegian Health Consortium is made possible with funding from SIVA