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Seven of the leading health incubators and TTOs in Norway supporting more than 100 startup and early stage companies


Connect the leading health incubators in Norway to identify the most critical needs of  member companies and tailor services that can best support their drive to market.


Partnering with leading industry experts and companies to support design, development and commercialisation goals of our member companies


NTNU Technology Transfer AS was established in 2003 and is owned by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Helse Midt-Norge RHF (HMN). The purpose of TTO is to secure, manage, process, market and sell the right of use and property to knowledge, ideas, inventions and other intangible assets created by NTNU and HMN. 


NTNU Technology Transfer AS is working to create values ​​by bringing research results and great ideas to the market in the form of socially beneficial products or services.

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Aleap offers a community for health startups. Our mission is to facilitate innovation and value creation by developing an ecosystem for health startups that allows ambitious entrepreneurs and companies to develop innovative products faster and contribute to the rapid growth of the Norwegian healthcare sector. We do this, not by taking equity, but rather by offering a broad range of critical know-how, expertise, flexible infrastructure and international business networks.


Norinnova is one of Northern Norway's most competent and experienced competence environments in the commercialization of research. We connect researchers, start-up environments, companies and commercial players to develop and utilize the innovation power in the region. Thus, we contribute to growth by introducing new technologies to companies that increase their competitiveness.


OCC Innovationpark is located in the Montebello area of Oslo, next to the Oslo University Hospital (Radiumhospitalet) and the Institute for Cancer Research. The park was officially opened in August 2015.


The Innovation Park houses many companies that develop cancer treatments and diagnostics, parts of Oslo University Hospital, the Cancer Registry of Norway, Radforsk, Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, Oslo Cancer Cluster and Ullern Upper Secondary School.


SINTEF is one of Europe's largest independent research institutes. We perform thousands of assignments every year - for small and large customers.


Validé has more than 20 years of experience in developing companies from idea to commercial success. We evaluate around 500 ideas each year and take up about 50 new companies each year in the incubator. The incubator is located in the Stavanger Innovation Park, Ullandhaug, and is in the immediate vicinity of the university's campus. this provides a strong academic environment in research and energy.

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VIS is the new name for Bergen Technology Transfer Office (BTO), which was established in 2004. and is owned by the University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital, the Institute of Marine Research, Siva, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and NHH Norwegian Business School.

Researchers, entrepreneurs, and established businesses contact VIS with challenges and ideas that we further develop together. Our ambition is to be a natural support system for scientists, entrepreneurs, and students with results or ideas.

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